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Providing Legal and Governance
Advice to Associations


About Associations and Governology

Associations are mutual or charitable organisations that exist to advance their purpose as stated in their Rules or Constitution. They have members yet never have shareholders as no financial returns can be received from being a member. Sometimes the sector is called the not-for-profit sector, however we prefer “for-purpose” as it is appropriate to make a profit which must be retained within the association.


Associations exist in many fields of human activity, such as professions, industries, sport, arts, hobbies, unions and religion. Whether your association is involved in health, built environment, education, agriculture, basketball, aged care, local communities or many other fields, it will have much in common with other organisations seeking to advance their cause.


Whatever your cause, Governology is a law and governance firm which can assist with your legal and governance matters. We give quality association tailored advice and excellent client service.

Our Services

1) Organisational Structures     
2) Governance                           
3) Constitutions                           
4) Membership Structures        
5) Board Composition               
6) Taxation                                    
7) Gaining and Maintaining Charitable Status

 8) Company Secretarial and Compliance

 9) Association Mergers and Amalgamations

10) Changing Incorporation

11) Conducting General Meetings

12) Policies

13) Commercial Law

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